Executive Search

Why choose Executive Search?

Executive Search gives our Clients the peace of mind of delivery. When you engage us with this service we are commercially obliged to deliver. That means, on a practical level, we search the market for the most suitable, available and willing candidates. If there are none that meet your specific remit, then we will consult with you as to why and recommend solutions. That is what retained Search is - a strategic investment in the execution of your manpower plan.

Each executive search assignment conducted by Consult Group is different.

What remains constant are the high standards we apply throughout the course of the assignment, the thorough use of all sourcing methodologies and our comprehensive appraisal and selection techniques. We employ a systematic approach, involving an in-depth investigation of a targeted group of well-qualified individuals, thus ensuring us to present the best available candidates from any given marketplace. We recognize the urgency of your needs and we therefore aim to meet those needs quickly and effectively.

Throughout all phases of the search process we use the utmost discretion in order to ensure the confidentiality sought by both clients and candidates.


Why Consult Group ?

Consult Group has developed a disciplined best-practice approach to each of our talent management and recruitment solutions. These methodologies are adopted by every member of our firm and are flexible so as to accommodate local business practices and cultures as well as the unique characteristics of each recruitment assignment.

Our processes are consultative and are discussed in depth with our clients. They are then refined and amended in order to ensure compliance with local legislation, predetermined processes and procedures, compensation levels and your commercial priorities.

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