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Ten Rational Reasons For Not Accepting a Counteroffer

Posted on 12/08/2018 by Consult Group

  1. You have now made your employer aware you are unhappy or looking to leave and in their mind, your loyalty may be in doubt.
  2. When promotion time comes around, your employer may remember who is loyal and who is not.
  3. As you have already received an increase due to the counteroffer, it is less likely you will be in the running for the promotion.
  4. Consider where the money for the counteroffer is coming from? All companies have wage and salary guidelines to be followed. Is your next raise early?
  5. When times get tough and cutbacks are needed, you may no longer be safe.
  6. Most company’s succession plan and will provide some time for them to immediately start looking to fill your position with someone cheaper.
  7. The same circumstances that now caused you to consider a change, will repeat themselves in the future, even if you accept a counteroffer.
  8. Statistics show that if you accept a counteroffer, the probability of voluntarily leaving in six months or being let go in one year is extremely high.
  9. Once the word gets out, the relationship that you now enjoy with your co-workers may never be the same. You may lose the personal satisfaction of peer group acceptance.
  10. Will you need to threaten to leave in the future in order to get another pay raise or promotion?