What We Do

Consult Group provides recruitment and HR Business Process Outsourcing services for companies invested in Asia Pacific.

We recruitment at middle, senior, and executive levels of management and specialize in a range of industry sectors and occupations. We pride ourselves on enabling our clients to maximize their commercial endeavours by attracting and securing the most capable of individuals.

Work in Partnership

When outsourcing any aspect of your human capital management it’s important to establish the “modus operandi” with your Consult Group Consultant. 

  • Establish a clear and agreed-upon need and specific requirements.
    A comprehensive position specification is essential for every assignment. Our consultants want to know everything about the role, not simply the duties and responsibilities. Moreover, a complete insight into how the positions integrate within your organization is essential to success.

  • Enable improved organizational integration.
    Enable Consult Group to compliment your organization. The success or failure of the hired person will be based not just on their skill set but also the match with your organization. Having Consult Group interview key people in your organization will better enable them to understand and assess the cultural fit of candidates as well as essential non-identified skill sets.

  • Work with Consult Group to market to potential candidates.
    It is well known that the best executives in the marketplace have several career options available to them. By utilizing Consult Group and arming them with reasons why prospective candidates would consider your organization and the position you need to fill, facilitates the attraction of a better pool of candidates.

  • Keep communication open and regular.
    At the beginning of a search assignment, communicating with us regarding target companies and individuals in which you may have an interest is highly beneficial & time effective.

  • Interview smart.
    In order to catch top executives who are looking to make a career move, work quickly to get the candidates interviewed by the person who will best represent your organization. Let them meet your visionaries early on in the process to get them excited and build recruitment momentum. Schedule interviews promptly and don't risk losing a candidate because another organization makes the first move.

  • Optimize References.
    Communicate your thoughts on candidates you've seen with Consult Group. For finalists, let Consult Group reference areas of concern, validate career highlights and educational qualifications. Negotiate through Consult Group. Many candidates do not want to be in the adversarial situation of salary negotiations with their new employer - use Consult Group as the go-between.